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Losing weight without any professional help can become more difficult than people realize. One’s weight loss goal may be obtainable until people experience the struggle of maintaining the new weight. Even when people attempt different weight loss plans or try store-bought products that are not effective. Part of the issue is that many of these treatments fail to address all factors of a patient’s health for effective weight loss.

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A Customizable Treatment

At Magnificat Wellness Center, our team takes the time to evaluate each patient and meet their individual goals for weight loss. We combine traditional weight loss techniques with a medically assisted weight loss program to enhance the patient’s experience. We strive to help the patient lose the weight and maintain their new healthy weight in the following years.

If you are looking for an effective weight loss program that can help yield long-term results, then our medical weight loss treatment is the treatment for you.

The goal of medical weight loss treatment is to help patients effectively lose weight while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. Much of the issue with other diet plans is that they only focus on losing weight quickly and reaching a goal, but do not offer advice for what to do after. In fact, many people will lose the weight, go off the diet and gain back the weight because they stopped the diet.

While exercise and dieting can be effective in losing weight and maintaining a specific weight, adult patients may find these methods do not yield desired results. Some patients are so out-of-shape that exercise is difficult and can be life-threatening without professional assistance. Other patients have dietary restrictions that make dieting difficult. Our medical weight loss program can help patients put a strong foot forward when it comes to weight loss. This includes:

  • Hormone supplements that suppress appetite
  • A customizable treatment plan
  • Advice for maintain the lower weight after treatment
  • Medical guidance and supervision to ensure everything goes right
  • Professional support throughout the process from our team

The HCG Weight Loss Program

Short for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG is a natural hormone the body produces that can affect several different functions in the human body. The HCG hormone helps to suppress one’s appetite which allows the patient to continue a diet of about 500 calories a day. While the amount of calories per day can vary with each patient, it will be significantly smaller than what the patient normally consumes in a day.

Along with that, we will recommend a strict diet that balances nutrients, vitamins and minerals since the patient is consuming smaller amounts of food. This diet requires medical supervision to see that it is effective in helping the patient lose weight and to ensure the patient does not experience any serious medical issues. With our supervision, patients will be able to enjoy the benefits of the HCG diet that include:

  • Losing weight with minimal exercise
  • Having someone map out the next several weeks of treatment sessions
  • Following a meal plan that we set up
  • Our professional guidance
  • Being able to contact our team if any problems occur

Nutritional Counseling

Patients who are on the HCG weight loss program will not remain on the hormone forever. After a specific amount of time, the patient will continue healthy dieting and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With our nutritional counseling, we can help patients learn the necessary steps one must take for proper nutrition.

What is great about nutritional counseling is that patients can customize what they eat so long as they keep it healthy. We will take time throughout the initial treatment to provide nutritional counseling and ensure the patient has the knowledge to make healthier choices. There are no wrong questions and we encourage patients to ask anything. While patients may need to limit physical activity during the HCG treatment, they can begin to exercise a little more each day.

Once they stop taking the HCG treatment, they will be able to begin regular exercise to help continue weight loss or maintain a lower weight. We will help incorporate the exercise into a weight loss plan for the patient’s needs while accompanying any health concerns.

Reach Your Weight Goal

If you are struggling to lose weight or searching for someone who can help set up an effective weight loss plan, then our medical weight loss is the treatment for you. Call us today and schedule an appointment so we can help you begin the path toward a healthier future.

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